Friday, June 14, 2013

Can This Web Site Use Rumsfeld's Rules? (Progress Report)

At least we can read the book Rumsfeld's Rules, since the library has it in stock. (Local lurkers who haven't seen it, because it's popular, can click to reserve it online. Or buy it at Amazon.)

I got as far as the discussion of "working from your in-box" (sorry, the book's circulating, so I can't check which page that's on). Basically, Donald Rumsfeld says that if you're working from your in-box you're out of control. This is true. Basically, the solution is not for all the people who've been contributing good things to this web site to extend their vacations, so my in-box continues not to be jammed with more good things than I have time to read, but for me to give this web site the time it needs.

This should soon become possible. Cornerstone Communications still exists. If we start small and share space, we could have a physical computer center within the month. We can accept donations of used computers, parts, or attachments. We can even pay for used computers that are in working condition. In fact we currently have one computer that local people may use for as much time as they're willing to pay for; it's very slow, doesn't have Microsoft Office, and doesn't connect to a printer, but it does work.

Before the end of this summer, we should be...ready to consider more of Rumsfeld's Rules.