Friday, June 14, 2013

Senator Landrieu: More Confused Than She Seems at First Blink

Mike Opelka shares the video of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) making what might be merely a dyslexic mistake about North and South Dakota.

Do foreign readers need to be told that North Dakota is the one that shares a border with Canada?

However, the position of this web site is that the Senator's confusion is more serious than that...more widespread among intelligent people who haven't thought this one through. If our crime problems are really all that much due to foreigners more than local people (which this web site doubts), then a fence around one border won't solve the problem. Those foreign fiends will make their way to another border. Mexicans may have a reputation for being easily bribed, but by now the drug kingpins can afford to bribe just about anybody. Not all Canadians are nice--nor are all people leaving Canada Canadians. For variation's sake the fiends might pick a border with an ocean, rather than a different country. Or they'll just parachute out of planes over the heartland. Then by that time we've spent a bundle of money on those borders, they'll have dug tunnels under the first fence.

Maybe the solution is not fences, or paranoia about foreigners, but more uniform enforcement of the actual laws in the U.S. Maybe, if I don't want my potting shed converted into a meth lab, the solution is not to try to guess in advance whether this criminal offense is more likely to be committed by a Mexican gang or by the sleazy family from the other end of town, but just to visit the shed regularly and notify the police if I see unfamiliar footprints, litter, or damage to the garden.