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Can Virginia Be Called Fascist?

Actually, I think the whole political trend of the current and the past two administrations has been fascist. (That's right, new readers...Clinton and Obama did a lot to give more power to Big Business, W Bush did a lot to give more power to Big Government, and the effect is less freedom and more poverty for private people.) So, with only the disclaimer that the language here is Patricia Evans' and not mine, here's an informative document from the Southern Virginia Tea Party. I'm not even trying to fix the formatting, because some people find the bold type and extra colors easier to follow. My intention here is not to bash any elected officials but to educate them:

"Please take the time to read this. There is a lot here that you need to know. Virginia ranks as one of the most fascist states in the country and we all need to understand why. When Gov. McDonnell and our legislators promote schemes as good for jobs and business, they don't mean through free market capitalism and private property rights. Both political parties are legislating fascism.

Where Communism seeks to substitute the state for private ownership, fascism seeks to incorporate or co-opt private ownership into the state apparatus through public-private partnership. Thus fascism tends to be more tempting than Communism to wealthy interests who may see it as a way to insulate their economic power from competition through forced cartelization and other corporatist stratagems...power structures external to the state are also potential allies of the state, particularly if they serve to encourage habits of subordination and regimentation in the populace, and so the potential always exists for a mutually beneficial partnership; herein lies the fascist strategy. -- From Liberalism vs. Fascism by Roderick Long editor of The Journal of Libertarian Studies. This paper was delivered at the Mises Institute Conference on Fascism, Learn more about The Economics of Fascism here:

"The citizen in the Fascist State is no longer a selfish individual who has the anti-social right of rebelling against any law of the Collectivity. The Fascist State with its corporative conception puts men and their possibilities into productive work and interprets for them the duties they have to fulfill." - Benito Mussolini

“to remold the entire American system” into a centralized one run by “a system of labor-market boards at the local, state and federal levels” where curriculum and “job matching” will be handled by government functionaries -
Marc Tucker, president of the National Center on Education and the Economy

Virginia Legislating Fascism

Conjoining government with private corporations is commonly referred to as ‘crony capitalism,’ ‘public-private partnerships,’ ‘corporatism’ and now ‘Benefit Corporations.’ and 'Advanced Manufacturing.'  Governors and State Legislatures who enact the Benefit Corporation Legislation either condone the transformation of America, or they are ignorant sheeple who are too dumb to hold elected office:

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed legislation that made Virginia the fourth state to allow stock corporations to become Benefit Corporations (B Corps).

Governor McDonnell signed HB 2358 on March 26, 2011 and the legislation took effect on July 1, 2011. The bill had unanimously passed both the Virginia State Senate and the Virginia State legislature.
From Agenda 21 and "Benefit" Corporations By Tom DeWeese:
There is a new kind of corporation being developed through Public Private Partnerships to destroy free enterprise –it’s called “benefit” corporations, a legislated brotherhood of business where favored businesses get to go to the front of the line for permits, licenses and opportunities merely because they agree to advance the principles of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21.  Virginia has passed Benefit Corporation legislation making it part of the states corporate legal system, which permits companies to pursue social missions ( UN Agenda 21 ) without fear of shareholder litigation.

Governor McDonnell Announces Formation of Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems ( fascism, from U. N. Agenda 21) 

Collaborative Partnership Brings Business and Government Experience Together with University Expertise  to Transform Logistics Operations: 

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems (CCALS)  This public-private alliance is an extraordinary collaboration between business, government and world-class universities, all focused on a singular mission: transform industry by improving the complex system of technological, mechanical and human factors that enable logistics. CCALS will allow industry members to influence the curriculum and workforce development programs at participating universities. To foster a collaborative research environment, the CCALS facility is expected to include computation and large-scale data mining laboratories.  Industry and government members direct the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems agenda.

Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing ( fascism, from U.N. Agenda 21 )

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has helped further Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing research and manufacturing goals. The Prince George County, Va., facility was completed in late 2012.  CCAM is a public–private collaborative research center that undertakes research critical to the surface technology and advanced manufacturing industries.

From Agenda 21, Chapter 34: Transfer Of Environmentally Sound Technology, Cooperation And Capacity-building
                                                                                                   Establishment of a collaborative network of research centres:

...establish demonstration centres which are linked with the national institutions, in close cooperation with the private sector...through the involvement of both public and private enterprises and research facilities, as well as funding for technical cooperation among programmes... This should include developing links among these facilities to maximize their efficiency in understanding, disseminating and implementing technologies for sustainable development. Support should be provided for programmes of cooperation and assistance, including those provided by United Nations agencies, international organizations, and other appropriate public and private organizations.                                                            

The Advanced Manufacturing scheme was created, developed and endorsed by John P. Holdren, Obama's most radical Science Czar:

On July 17, 2012, the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Steering Committee, working within the framework of President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) led by John P. Holdren and co-chaired by Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical and Susan Hockfield of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, outlined recommendations for spurring investment and positioning the U.S. for long-term leadership in advanced manufacturing.  The Committee’s report, Capturing Domestic Competitive Advantage in Advanced Manufacturing, has been endorsed by PCAST, led by John P. Holdren and Eric Lander, President of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

From FrontPageMag / Discover the Networks, Obama's Biggest Radical: John P. Holdren

John P. Holdren is a globalist who has endorsed "surrender of sovereignty" to "a comprehensive Planetary Regime" that would control all the world's resources, direct global redistribution of wealth, oversee the "de-development" of the West, control a World Army and taxation regime, and enforce world population limits. He wrote:

 "The post-Cold-War world needs a more powerful United Nations, probably with a standing volunteer force -- owing loyalty directly to the UN rather than to contingents from individual nations."

Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable...not only in the atmosphere and oceans, but in such freshwater bodies as rivers and lakes...The Regime might also be a logical central agency for regulating all international trade...The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries' shares within their regional limits...the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits. (p. 943.)
Part of the power wielded by this "Regime" would be in the form of a World Army. He wrote that the United States must destroy all its nuclear arsenal. But this would not render us defenseless against Communist aggression. "Security might be provided by an armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force...The first step necessarily involves partial surrender of sovereignty to an international organization" (p. 917, emphasis added).

John P. Holdren's Advanced Manufacturing scheme:


Obama: Invest in manufacturing / Advanced Manufacturing Partnership
Obama launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, which aims to bring together the manufacturing industry, universities and the government. According to the White House, more than $500 million ( taxpayers money ) will be invested in the program, which was created from recommendations made by the president’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology led by John P. Holdren

Corporatist Obama to mix Business and Government via tax dollars “Advanced Manufacturing"
In his weekly address released Saturday, President Barack Obama called for a campaign of “nation building here at home,” citing as an example of what is needed to rebuild the American economy an initiative he announced Friday to “invest” tax dollars in what he called a “partnership” between the federal government and an initial group of 11 major corporations.
The administration’s corporate partners in this venture include Caterpiller, Corning, Dow Chemical, Ford, Honeywell, Intel, Johnson and Johnson, Allegheny Technologies, Stryker and Proctor and Gamble.
Obama is not seeking new legislation from Congress to authorize his government-corporate partnership program–which he is calling the “Advanced Manufacturing Partnership”–and he did not say how the corporations in the partnership had been chosen.
“The President’s plan, which leverages existing programs and proposals, will invest more than $500 million to jumpstart this effort,” the White House said in a statement released Friday.
“Even though we’ve turned our economy in the right direction over the past couple of years, many Americans are still hurting, and now is the time to focus on nation building here at home,” Obama said before explaining the partnership in his Saturday address.
In addition to the 11 corporations, the administration also picked a small group of universities to participate in the government-corporate partnership. These include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Michigan. The White House did not say how these universities were selected.
In a speech in Pittsburgh Friday announcing the government-corporate partnership program, Obama said that in American history such partnerships have often led the way in enterpreneurial breakthroughs.
“Throughout our history, our greatest breakthroughs have often come from partnerships just like this one,” said Obama. “American innovation has always been sparked by individual scientists and entrepreneurs, often at universities like Carnegie Mellon or Georgia Tech or Berkeley or Stanford. But a lot of companies don’t invest in early ideas because it won’t pay off right away. And that’s where government can step in. ”
The largest single element of the partnership program, as described in the White House statement, will have the Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Homeland Security, Energy and Defense spending an estimated $300 milion in tax dollars to “co-invest with industry” in the development of products including “small high-powered batteries” and “alternative energy.”
“Starting this summer, the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce and other agencies will coordinate a government-wide effort to leverage their existing funds and future budgets, with an initial goal of $300 million, to co-invest with industry in innovative technologies that will jumpstart domestic manufacturing capability essential to our national security and promote the long-term economic viability of critical U.S. industries,” said the White House statement. “Initial investments include small high-powered batteries, advanced composites, metal fabrication, bio-manufacturing, and alternative energy, among others.”
In his weekly address, President Obama explained his view that “nation building here at home” means government “investment” in education ( Common Core, see more below ) and infrastructure, as well as in the development of technology–including the kind of “clean energy” technology that will be one focus of his new government-corporate partnership.

In the U.S. today, we see private corporations joining with the Federal government and doing its bidding. Think of Obama and GE, Facebook, Google, Monsanto, banks, major utility companies and many other large corporations. Liberal CEOs who have jumped on the Progressive bandwagon are just as dangerous as the Progressive politicians we elected into office.
Unfortunately these corporations are in our homes and our lives through the products and services we use… and those that Obama’s government forces down our throats (e.g. the SMART meter that monitors and records energy usage in our homes every minute of every day; hazardous light bulbs that are now mandated; Facebook that now monitors us and our children through facial recognition and more).
Brief Lesson for Governors and State Legislators:
Where socialism sought totalitarian control of a society’s economic processes through direct state operation of the means of production, fascism sought that control indirectly, through domination of nominally private owners. Where socialism nationalized property explicitly, fascism did so implicitly, by requiring owners to use their property in the “national interest”—that is, as the autocratic authority conceived it.  Where socialism abolished all market relations outright, fascism left the appearance of market relations while planning all economic activities. State ministries, rather than consumers, determined what was produced and under what conditions.
Fascist governments are different from communist ones in that fascists, in theory, support the right of labor representatives (labor unions) and corporate representatives (CEOs, company presidents, etc.) to negotiate - through a system called corporatism- while communism calls for complete economic control and ownership of the economy. In fascism, the country is considered more important than any one person, group, liberty or provision. The government tries to control all areas of life, including work, school, and family life. It is very important to fascists that all schools in the country teach children that the state is the most important thing in the world.
Wall Street Journal, Common Core Education is Uncommonly Inadequate

Common Core recycles a decades-old, top-down approach to education. Its roots are in a letter sent to Hillary Clinton by Marc Tucker, president of the National Center on Education and the Economy, after Bill Clinton’s presidential victory in 1992. The letter laid out a plan “to remold the entire American system” into a centralized one run by “a system of labor-market boards at the local, state and federal levels” where curriculum and “job matching” will be handled by government functionaries

The Common Core Straight Jacket

Common Core is not a plan to produce a new generation of citizens who understand the values on which the nation was based and built, but rather one that focuses on job skills to the detriment of civics, economics, history, the arts, and traditional values. It is a system for serfs, not citizens. It is yet another example of how progressives view people as mere instruments of the state and how they have used the schools to indoctrinate and train them for that purpose.
“As long as government owns and operates ninety percent of the schools in the United States, we have no right to expect that fewer than ninety percent of students who graduate will be socialists.” The result of the two Obama elections are testimony to that.  “If we can return to a free-market education system, we can solve most of our political problems.”

“Theory and practice of organizing the whole of society into corporate entities subordinate to the state. According to the theory, employers and employees would be organized into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and largely controlling the people and activities within their jurisdiction. The classes operated as guilds, or corporations, each controlling a specific function of social life. 
Benito Mussolini:  

If a formal architect of fascism can be identified, it is Benito Mussolini, the onetime Marxist editor who broke with the left as World War I approached and became Italy’s leader in 1922. Mussolini distinguished fascism from liberal capitalism in his 1928 autobiography p. 280:
"The citizen in the Fascist State is no longer a selfish individual who has the anti-social right of rebelling against any law of the Collectivity. The Fascist State with its corporative conception puts men and their possibilities into productive work and interprets for them the duties they have to fulfill." - Benito Mussolini
Mussolini was among the founders of Italian Fascism, which included elements of nationalism, corporatism, national syndicalism, expansionism, social progress, and anti-socialism in combination with censorship of subversives and state propaganda. In the years following his creation of the Fascist ideology, Mussolini influenced, or achieved admiration from, a wide variety of political figures.

The fascist leaders’ antagonism to communism has been misinterpreted as an affinity for capitalism.  In fact, fascists’ anticommunism was motivated by a belief that communism was its closest rival for people’s allegiance. As with communism, under fascism, every citizen was regarded as an employee and tenant of the totalitarian, party-dominated state. Consequently, it was the state’s prerogative to use force, or the threat of it, to suppress even peaceful opposition.
From Library of Economics and Liberty: And from Gulag Bound:

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."  - Thomas Jefferson  Virginia Tea Party Patriots   Danville Patriots "