Friday, June 21, 2013

How Big Government = Bad Government

TV's Rick Harrison explains how government that's allowed to focus on demanding that somebody make expensive renovations to a private building fails to address questions like sentencing violent criminals...

This happens, people. And in Maryland, if you can convince somebody that you own a house and get them to take out a loan to pay four times what the house is worth, Big Corrupt Government will uphold the claim of the "good faith purchaser" against that of the rightful owner who is actually living in the house.

My husband's ex-wife, who didn't pay for our home, had never been invited to our home, had never been inside our home, had never had her name on the title to our home, and had used a forged document no (unbribed) sixth grade teacher would have accepted to get a copy of the title to our home, was able to get a "good faith purchaser" to buy our house. That's why my financial security has not been grounded on the rent from that house, as my husband intended it to be, today. Maybe I was a fool to uphold my stepson's and nieces' claims on those of my husband's bank accounts he had intended to leave to them, but I was just plain robbed outright of our house...and Big Government stood by watching it happen.

Everybody in the local bloated government offices was too busy saying "That's not my problem, you need to talk to somebody else," for anybody to notice that a precedent was being set. Has this precedent been investigated and changed? Not that I'm aware of. If any of you readers are not, in fact, gentle people, and would like to make money fast, just go up to Maryland, find a recent obituary for someone whose last name looks like yours, get something notarized and photocopy the notary's seal onto a separate page, forge a document identifying yourself as a relative or guardian of the deceased, and sell the home of the deceased. If the price is inflated enough, no official person will even investigate your documents. You don't need to bribe the people who ought to investigate the documents. All you have to do is take advantage of Maryland's humid summer weather and the natural desire of bureaucrats to reframe as many problems as possible as "Somebody Else's Problem."

Personally I wouldn't have called Virginia a fascist state--yet--but I think Virginia should profit from Maryland's example. Big Government needs to collect Big Money to sustain itself...enough that Big Government loses track of what, exactly, government is for. Good government needs to watch its own weight, trim the fat, and keep itself efficient.