Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HB 1852: Homemade Food Needs Warning Labels

Virginia House Bill 1852 passed the House of Delegates by a universal vote, 100-0, and I'm glad. The most obvious thing HB 1852 will do for most of you out there is that, if you like the taste of black walnuts but don't have time or space to bash those thick, hard, sharp, splintery inner shells with a hammer, you can now pay rural property owners to crack these nuts for you, instead of having to pay for the nuts in their shells and then probably not even finding time to open and eat them. All the farmers have to do is package these nuts (or honey, or home-canned pickles, or whatever) with a label warning you that they were prepared in an uninspected site--you're consuming them at your own risk.


When enacted into law, as anything that passes the House unanimously should be, this bill will also give Virginia a commercial edge over Tennessee. Nice. In the long run it should merely restore common-sense legislation in Tennessee, but that's also nice.

We thank Delegate Orrock for HB 1852.