Friday, April 12, 2013

A Bomb for Sheriff Joe?

This web site's position on immigration is officially limited to saying that Marco Rubio's position, as discussed in American Son, makes sense to us. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is best known for taking shall we say a tougher position on immigration, although this Washington Post article mentions a few of his other claims to fame.

This web site has not been sending money to "Sheriff Joe," and has been figuring that people in Arizona can make their own decision to oust or promote him. However, we will say that sending bombs through the mail''s like begging people who believe law enforcement should get tougher to make an example of you. It's such a mean, cowardly, stupid, dangerous way to guarantee that, if you're sentenced to capital punishment, nobody will even complain.

The Post has more of the story. Billy Hallowell has a video clip, for those who can watch it: