Friday, April 12, 2013

Bloomberg's Wrong, No Surprise

Of course New York's Mayor Bloomberg was wrong to try to dictate how, or whether, New Yorkers need to cut calories. You knew that. But until recently, nobody had quantified exactly how dictating the size of soda pop containers people are allowed to buy is likely to impede individuals' efforts to control their own weight.

Before I logged on to this computer this morning, I stopped at the convenience store down the street from the computer center. I bought a 24-ounce bottle of soda pop; I'll probably finish it some time tonight or tomorrow, probably not drink even half of it this morning. If I were seriously trying to remind myself to drink less soda pop and more water, I would have bought the 2-litre take-home bottle. It's too big to drink out of the bottle in public, so that size demands that soda pop drinkers take the bottle home and pour out their drinks into smaller cups or glasses.