Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rick Buchanan Explains Conservation Easements

Yes, Gentle Readers, there are some sane people in Fauquier County, Virginia. After the persecution of a small farmer that led to the proposal, and followed the failure, of the "Boneta Bill," some of us were beginning to wonder.

However, there is a web site known as the Fauquier Free Citizen. Although a Tea Party contact mailed us the full text of Rick Buchanan's article(s) on conservation easements, here...

...this web site noted the FFC's $50 bonus for the article that gets the most page views per month, and decided that Rick Buchanan deserves it, so we're steering you to his FFC pages instead.

Part two closes thusly:

I hope you join us here next week for Conservation Easements – Winners and Losers of Conservation Benefaction.

Fauquier Free Citizen: