Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Support Michael Sullivan

This web site has ridiculed certain Democrats from Massachusetts many times. I mean to say...Teddy Kennedy and Elizabeth Warren made it too easy, and if we've gone easy on Barney Frank, that's only because the obvious jokes about him aren't family-friendly.

We do not, however, have anything against Massachusetts. We think it might be a pleasant change for beleaguered Bostonians to have someone this web site would have to respect representing them in the U.S. Senate. E-friend Lloyd Marcus says Michael Sullivan would be such a person.

So here's more about Candidate Sullivan...

About Michael Sullivan: A self-described "proud Republican," Michael Sullivan is an American success story. Sullivan started as a stock clerk for the Gillette Corporation and after 16 years with the company he worked his way up to become Assistant to the President.
A graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School, Sullivan has served as a Republican State Representative, a District Attorney and U.S. Attorney. While U.S. Attorney, Sullivan helped prosecute a number of terrorism cases including the infamous "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid.
Above: Michael Sullivan helped bring the "Shoe Bomber" to Justice
You can make a contribution to our independent expenditure campaign supporting conservative Republican Michael Sullivan for U.S. Senate by making a contribution of as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000 online - HERE.
Note that the link above is for individual U.S. citizens only. Residents of states other than Massachusetts may legally donate to Mr. Sullivan's campaign fund, but foreign readers may not. Contributions from corporations are also banned...and this web site frowns on the practice of making large contributions to politicians in the names of children, at least until the children are old enough to take some interest in an election. Campaign contributions are supposed to come from voters.