Thursday, April 18, 2013

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Liz Klimas links to previous stories about the explosion of a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas, and the charitable organization that's collecting funds to help survivors:

It's not quite an anniversary thing. The Waco holocaust took place on the nineteenth of April, as did the appalling "revenge" bombing of a federal office building, specifically targeting the day care center, by suicidal hater Timothy McVeigh. But that Clinton-infested White House practically told the Boston Marathon bomber(s) that they were suspected of yet another attempt at "revenge" for the Waco disaster...and I don't remember reading that McVeigh was ever cleared of suspicion of some connection with Osama bin Laden, actually. (McVeigh was mislabelled a neo-Nazi or White supremacist; in fact he was an equal-opportunity hater who didn't even know that David Koresh was Jewish--and probably wouldn't have cared.)

This web site is not interested in conspiracy theories that lack solid evidence, so we don't actually care whether McVeigh received money from Bin Laden (via third parties) or not. All people who hate the United States, hate people in general, hate springtime, hate living, or hate having to feed and shelter themselves and hope to receive long prison terms at other people's expense, are not necessarily communicating with one another.

This web site will note, instead, that in animal populations, if sterility and non-fertile mating behavior (e.g. homosexuality) fail to thin the population fast enough, viciousness and violence will reliably appear...affecting unrelated individuals. If we want to see less of this just plain evil behavior among human beings, one thing we can do, as a society, is say no to any plans for increasing population congestion in designated urban "sacrifice" areas in order to preserve more pristine wilderness for land grabs.