Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elizabeth Warren: American Faux?

This web site has probably had too much fun at Elizabeth Warren's expense. She could hardly be worse in her job than Barney Frank...unfortunately for her, the obvious jokes her career inspires are more family-friendly than those about Barney Frank.

So let's see...we've ridiculed her for having identified, for statistical purposes, as Cherokee in the absence of any verifiable Native American ancestry, and thereby also dissing the Swedish ancestors she actually resembles. "Fauxcahontas" wasn't our word, but it fits. Then we considered the claim that she practiced law without a license. "Faux Attorney." Now Trevor Loudon reports on the evidence that she's spent enough time around active Socialists to be classified as what, in 1950, would have been described as "un-American." This web site can't resist...this Senator is just an "American Faux" all the way.


Conscience prods me. When I posted links to Trevor Loudon's expose of a writer I like and a politician whose visit to Washington I promoted, I mentioned that each and every one of us has shaken hands with someone Joe McCarthy could have branded, at least, a pinko. Toward the end of the Cold War, when we hadn't felt seriously threatened by the "Communist" countries for a while and were thrilled by the hope of world peace, some of us were positively eager to shake those people's hands, sure that they'd come around now that the world had seen that Socialism didn't work. There was a period when U.S. citizens, given a free choice in the matter, actually bought Yugo cars. Maybe you had to have been here at the time to believe it.

However, there's a difference between showing good will to people whose opinions you believe have been proved wrong, and actively supporting those people's efforts to carry on plans based on wrong thinking. Some good people are Socialists because, as Barbara Ehrenreich put it, that is in fact their ancestral religion, and they can't imagine being anything else. Some less admirable people are Socialists because, although they know no socialist government has ever prospered, they want to cash in on the ruin of their country and gamble that the financial system in which they make their profits will last about as long as their lifespans do. This web site will never tell you not to like a human being merely because you disagree with his or her politics. This web site will, however, warn you not to elect a person to the Senate if you disagree with his or her politics. There are probably lots of jobs Elizabeth Warren could do well, but (unless her constituents are very different from other Americans) her current job is not one of those.