Monday, April 29, 2013

Watch Karen Bracken Live in Chattanooga

Karen Bracken salutes the people who video-recorded her presentation to the Chattanooga Tea Party...if I had video/audio access here, I'm sure I'd enjoy watching it...

Attached is a presentation I gave for the Chattanooga Tea Party on April 18th. Tin Ship Productions recorded the presentation. You can view their work and/or make a donation on:
This couple travels all over the country recording patriot events and they are making a documentary. Donations are always welcome to help them with their endeavor. They have donated their time free of charge to help document many patriot events and we so appreciate their efforts and support. If you need a professional recording I hope you will consider them.
I had no idea the presentation was going to be recorded but once I got started never gave them another thought. I am not a professional speaker just a passionate, concerned grandmother………soon to be a GREAT GRANDMOTHER!!!
I suspect she already is a great grandmother.