Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Twitter Rally Today, 12-2 p.m.

Karen Bracken invites everyone with access to Twitter to a Twitter Rally, 4/16/13...and here's an update. I won't be part of this; my online time will end before 12 midday. But I will share some additional information KB sent so that youall can use it to Twitter intelligently.

Common Core goes social media!!! Please share with everyone you know and help us make this a huge success. Mark your calendar!!! Not a Twitter person…..grab a kid and have some fun.

#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally

Parent-Led Reform (@ParentLedReform) will host a Twitter Rally on April 16, 2013 which will start will go from 12:00p-2:00p (EST). We will discuss how the Common Core State Standards effect your family, community and schools? We invite you to participate.
There will be an expert panel and several organizations that will discuss#StopCommonCore. So far I know the panel will consist of:
I’ll update with a live link for the Twitter Rally (or you can just follow the hashtag #StopCommonCore) and as the expert panel is finalized.
Update: Be sure to RSVP with the Facebook event invite, this will help keep you up to date with pertinent info.
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Colorado, April 13, 2012: Parent Led Reform, a multi-issue organization that projects parental power into education reform, is hosting a rally via Twitter Tuesday April 16th at 10 am MST.  

The #Stopcommoncore Twitter Rally is a collaborative project in partnership with Truth In American
Education, and designed to share the research diligently collected by parents and citizens concerned
about the government’s push for national common standards in education.

“We oppose a lock-step approach to education that takes the focus away from the student and decisions away from the parent,” says Karin Piper, Executive Director of ParentLedReform.org. “Parent Led Reform is impressed with the voluminous and detailed research Truth in American Education has collected regarding the pitfalls of Common Core Standards, and honored to serve as a partner by moderating the rally via social media."
The #Stopcommoncore Twitter Rally features a panel of experts who are planning on answering
questions by the moderator, as well as taking live questions from Twitter users across the nation. The
panelists are Shane Vander Hart (Truth in American Education), James Shuls (Show-Me Institute), Joy Pullmann (Heartland Institute), Ben DeGrow (Independence Institute), Emmett McGroarty
(American Principles Project)."