Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Karen Bracken Clarifies Common Core Issue

Thanks to Karen Bracken for clarifying this question:

As I read and talk to many people all over the country I am finding a troubling thread and I feel compelled to write this email. One thing we all know from our grassroots activities is they are out there just waiting for us to make a statement they can destroy. When we move away from facts and speak out of emotion we set ourselves up to be marginalized.
Common Core is the new hot button and I am finding a lot of misinformation is being presented. If we continue to do this we will not be taken seriously.
Common Core pertains to math and English language arts only. It does not affect History, Science or Social Studies. So if you are seeing signs of globalism etc in these subjects it is not Common Core. It is the indoctrination that has been going on for years but it is not Common Core. IB and what has been in our children's books for years should be discussed and exposed but do not lump it with Common Core. And Common Core are STANDARDS….not curriculum or assessment testing. I always make this very clear with speaking but I also say that STANDARDS ultimately drive assessment and curriculum.
Be sure when you speak you have the proof to back up your statements. Example: Sidwell Friends is the school in which Barack Obama sends his daughters. I have seen statements that Obama's kids are not being educating under Common Core standards. So I called Sidwell Friends myself and talked to admissions……..they told me they are not using Common Core…they know what it is and they are not using it and have no plans in the near future to use Common Core….they have their own standards and curriculum. So just like Obamacare, Common Core is not good enough for his kids but it is surely good for the common people's kids. So make sure you can back up your statements with proof and facts. When I talk about the agreement with Bill Gates and UNESCO I have the contract with me and hold it up and ask people to come and see the agreement.
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To fix "THE SYSYEM" We must become "THE SYSTEM" - k. bracken
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