Thursday, April 18, 2013

MSNBC Abandons Pretence of Impartial Reporting

MSNBC, long identifiable as a leftist-leaning TV network, unleashes vindictive rage against U.S. Senators who opposed an undemocratic gun control bill:

A TV network wants to be the U.N. puppet dictating domestic policy to the United States? Laughable. And laughter is what this web site recommends. Laugh at the idea that anybody's watching MSNBC for news coverage. Ridicule their overt bigotry. And be sure to let any sponsors of any MSNBC shows you may still or inadvertently watch, I don't know, maybe they're still broadcasting interesting game shows or amusing sitcoms, know how hysterically bigoted MSNBC is and how, although you might watch a show for laughs, you don't trust MSNBC to recommend like products or anything.

Laughter is good for our blood pressure. Laughter is good for our immune systems. Laughter is good for our waistlines. Laughter is good for our singing voices. And laughter will also kill this nasty un-American tendency at MSNBC if we do enough of it, Gentle Readers. Laughter is a weapon! Now isn't that a blast?