Thursday, April 18, 2013

CISPA: Another Unpopular Bill Passes the House

Liz Klimas reports:

Here's my comment: Of course I oppose legalizing Internet spying. Realistically, Gentle Readers, you did know that all kinds of people around the world were able to read what you put on the Internet, right? You know that only very small business transactions, through a very small account at a different bank from any saving, checking, or automatic-bill-paying accounts you may have, should ever be processed online. You know that any information you post on the Internet or send via e-mail should be information that you wouldn't mind seeing in the newspaper. That's not news. What's at risk, whenever anybody whines about how sharing more information about you would somehow keep you or them "safer," is your right to compensation for any harm that might be done to you by spies and hackers.