Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pris Adds Condolences to Morgan Griffith's

Congressman Morgan Griffith's E-Newsletter for this week was evidently written before the bombing at the Boston Marathon. How ironic that it's an anniversary event.

This web site refuses to say any of the things I heard as particularly ignorant and unhelpful after events like the 2001 attacks. We're not Bostonians; the losses are not our losses in the way they are the losses of the families involved. We empathize with those families but we're not claiming to be them. If there's anything we can do to help, beyond saying prayers and not sitting around like ghouls watching endlessly replayed videos of people suffering, we'll do it. And we're praying that, although atrocities are more atrocious when they happen on what nature intended to be the loveliest day of spring, to people who were there to support noble causes, these atrocities will not be used to take away any more freedom, joy, or beauty, from Bostonians or from any other human being.

This web site does not count the bomber(s) as human. As I'm writing this, I'm overhearing a conversation from the magazine room. "I've never believed in capital punishment...but in cases like this...why just put'em in prison and let the taxpayers take care of'em?...The devil has got a hold of'em." The speaker sounds older than I am, but I can see his point of view.

These thoughts in mind, here are our Congressman's thoughts on the sixth anniversary of the Virginia Tech attacks.

"We Remember

Six years have passed since tragedy struck the Hokie Nation, and thirty-two lives were tragically taken from us, and others were seriously injured. As we reflect, we remember these beautiful souls and pray for comfort for the loved ones of those lost, those injured, the Virginia Tech community, and the Town of Blacksburg.  "

And for those people from all over the United States who had gone to watch or run in the famous Boston Marathon, too.