Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is the Gadsden Flag Offensive?

Apparently what the New Rochelle, New York, city council find offensive about the historic Gadsden Flag is that it's been used as a partisan statement by some (not all) Tea Parties:

So, they should ban the U.S. flag, which is usually flown over partisan political rallies of all sorts. And they should also ban the color um most Greens, both True and Poison, think of green in terms of trees, due to cultural ignorance, but apart from its having become an Irish emblem (fairly recently) green has also been a Muslim color...

Maybe there's a better solution. Maybe flying any flippin' flag anybody cares to run up a flagpole, unless it's the battle flag of a nation with which the United States is currently at war, should be left to the discretion of the individual flag owner. Those who find it offensive should give thanks that they're able to turn their eyes in a different direction. Members of the veterans' group where the Gadsden Flag has been flying have a right to complain if they find it "offensive" for their group headquarters. The City Council has a right to demonstrate to the taxpayers that it has more worthwhile and public-spirited things to do with their time and money than bother its heads about privately owned flags.

Would anybody out there care to bombard the New Rochelle City Council with Gadsden Flag postcards?