Monday, April 15, 2013

Police on Gun Control: Closer Links

Yesterday or the day before, this web site posted a link to a report on a survey that showed that police officers don't think gun control would make us safer. Patricia Evans shares a link to the survey itself:

If you are interested in the reasoned, informed opinions of professionals in the field of law enforcement re proposed firearm restrictions rather than the emotional appeals of politicians and other uninformed individuals, review the results of the following survey of 15,595 professionals. Then, consider your position.

The following survey was taken by of Law Enforcement Nationwide
"This Administration, appears to be trying to railroad Gun Control Legislation, in direct conflict with the very people they met with for advice, under the Task Force headed by Joe Biden. The survey listed below was information submitted by the Law Enforcement agencies nationwide and their opinion on the proposed legislation we now face. You may find it very interesting that they do not support anything being proposed by the President and his Task Force. I wonder why the President and his policy advisers are not using this information to form their Gun Control proposals? Could it be they don't want anyone to know the truth?"
Click on the following link:

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