Friday, April 26, 2013

Common Core Updates

First, Dawn Wildman has created an elegant summary of what Common Core is and why most of youall don't or won't like it, which has passed Karen Bracken's "just the facts" test. Fair disclosure: it's a PDF file. I've had very mixed success even opening PDF files and can't guarantee that I'll ever be able to see a PDF file e-mailed to me...although works beautifully with every computer I've used, and it is, technically, PDF format. So, will this PDF file work for you? I don't know. It worked for me, at this computer, this morning. What Dawn Wildman typed into this PDF file is well worth reading. I wish she'd make it available as a Word document.

Highlights include a summary of the cost of inflicting Common Core "curriculum" on public schools, the shift in emphasis away from actually passing math and grammar tests and toward teachers collecting private personal information about students, the "bipartisan support" of Big Business (Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch) and Big Government (W Bush, Obama), and the emphasis on getting school funding spent on elaborate technology to teach a dumbed-down curriculum.

From Alabama, early good news about the fight against this bad educational idea...

Alabama is doing it again. They are seeing the light!! And on April 30 Tennessee will show it's legislators the people here feel the same way as the people in AL, Utah, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia etc.
...Followed by bad news...
That joy didn't last long. Let this be a lesson for what we are all going to be facing. There is BIG money involved in Common Core for many rich and powerful people and they are not going to give up easily. And then there are those that must follow the directive from the UN to implement universal education and create the future citizens of the world. All in an effort to promote the NWO. This reminds me very much of what we are facing with everything associated with Agenda 21 (and this IS Agenda 21). Even though we all know global warming is a hoax and the hype about curtailing human activity for the sake of the environment is a cash cow for people like Al Gore they continue the lie in order to protect their dynasty and the agenda behind the hoax. The fight against Common Core will not be any different.
Educate everyone you can but also build a huge ground army because unless we have that huge army we won't have a chance at stopping Common Core.
Why is this filed as a scam? Because of the unmistakable evidence that Bill Gates is backing Common Core for personal gain. Just the way some shabby long-gone department store once got my school to base students' gym grades largely on wearing overpriced, poor-quality gym uniforms, until a few of the smarter and braver students protested. For a pathetic little store that was due to go out of business in five years anyway, that was tacky enough. For a man like Gates, who was, for years, the richest honest man in America and a hero to many of our generation...words fail me.