Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral Pictures Link

Erica Ritz shares photos and videos of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral:

The funeral naturally attracted a few of the sort of idiots who think funerals are appropriate places for hostile demonstrations. This web site has approvingly documented the proposal of legislation to ban this kind of vulgarity in Virginia, and wishes the British success in getting it banned in Britain.

The following piece of Bad Poetry did not really originate at this web site; it's taken from an old Latin proverb:

Some are like a lion,
And boldly face the king,
And roar whene'er His Majesty
Has done a foolish thing.

And some are like a mangy mutt,
And bark to scare a child,
And fawn on man or woman
With manners meek and mild.

And some are like a loathly worm
That dares not raise its head
To anything that lives or walks,
But crawl to bite the dead.