Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is The Blaze Spam?

Liz Klimas also reports that some Blaze readers have visited other sites that mechanically classified The Blaze as spam:

This web site commented on a similar problem with our e-mail. It's not politics; Senator Mark Warner is neither a spammer nor even a right-winger, yet apparently Yahoo has been classifying nearly all of his newsletters as spam (while classifying none of Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith's newsletters as spam). What the e-mails that get mislabelled "spam" have in common are fancy software, including interactive buttons, or links to flashy web sites, or (occasionally) rough language.

This web site obviously owes a great deal to The Blaze. However, some Blaze writers use rougher language than I do; some comments on Blaze articles come from trolls who'll "say" anything as long as it's obnoxious; and all Blaze pages incorporate a lot of fancy software, hovering ads, pop-up ads, moving ads, video clips, and other things that set off alarms when run through a different company's filters.

I don't think it's politics that keeps even Internet Explorer from being able to open some of the Blaze articles I want when I want them. I think it's technology. Simpler pages are less likely to activate spam filters.