Monday, April 29, 2013

Unrestricted Warfare: Financial War on America

Are countries that wouldn't dare to declare traditional war on the United States engaged in a financial war against us? Patricia Evans e-mailed not only the link, but the full text, of Kevin Freeman's argument that such a war may be going on:

Her comment:

In 1999, two Chinese military strategists authored an important work published by the PLA Press and now considered military doctrine. The book, roughly translated into English by the CIA, is Unrestricted Warfare. A copy of the English translation can be found here:
The message of the book is simple: America has been the world’s sole superpower and cannot be defeated by traditional kinetic means. Instead, the book argues, China and other global players have to adopt alternative strategies and new forms of weapons to alter their relative positions vis-à-vis the United States. There is strong evidence that this book has been read by Osama bin Laden as well as other terrorist organizations. Chief among the new form of weapons identified in Unrestricted Warfare is the notion of Financial Warfare “in which a country is subjugated without a drop of blood being spilled.” It is described as “entering and subverting banking and stock markets and manipulating the value of a targeted currency.” The book also describes other new form weapons including Cyber warfare, smuggling, resources warfare, and drug warfare. No reasonable observer would doubt that the Chinese have been developing alternative weapons, especially Cyber capabilities. In addition, we are just now beginning to realize how the acquired monopoly of rare earth minerals has been a weapon of resources warfare. Therefore, it is only reasonable to acknowledge that they may be engaged in Financial Warfare as well. At the same time, the concept has been adopted by some terrorist groups and is termed “Financial Jihad.”