Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chuck Grassley Opposes Common Core've seen evidence that the Common Core curriculum is inferior to the curriculum your local school has been using, which probably wasn't all it could have been either. Why is this an issue of concern? Because the current administration wants to force local schools to adopt Common Core, with its political bias and inefficiency and low estimate of children's intelligence and all. Iowa's Senator Chuck Grassley is leading the congressional opposition to this bad idea. Here's a write-up, including his official letter to Senators Tom Harkin and Jerry Moran:

Karen Bracken, who sent me this link, recommended "pounding the phones" (and e-mail, faxes, and don't forget postcards) to our Senators. If yours didn't accurately represent the people you know on the gun control issue, perhaps they would like a chance to redeem their reputations?