Friday, April 12, 2013

Honor & Remember Run in Eastern Virginia

Here's a charitable appeal that's definitely different:

Grassfire has been engaged in supporting the Honor and Remember organization in their mission to honor our fallen heroes nationwide.

Right now there is an opportunity for Virginia residents to honor and remember Virginia's own fallen heroes in what is promising to be a tremendous event.  The first Virginia Run for the Fallen.
You are not being asked to run - just to help support those who will run to honor Virginia's fallen heroes.

Honor and Remember founder, George Lutz is also one of Virginia's own. George lost his son, Tony, in Fallujah, Iraq just after Christmas in 2005. That life-changing event is what prompted George to started Honor and Remember.  

We hope you'll take a minute to read the message below from George about this incredible opportunity to honor Virginia's heroes.

Your friends at Grassfire

George Lutz, Founder
Honor and Remember


We are around the corner from one of the most significant events in Virginia history. The first Virginia Run for the Fallen.

Dedicated Core runners along with a support team will blaze a tribute trail for every Virginian who gave their life during the war on terror, one mile at a time. 

The group will be making their way from Fort Story Virginia Beach to Arlington National Cemetery, May 2-5, 236 miles over 4 days. each mile they will stop and read the name of one or more of our fallen heroes. I cannot overemphasize the magnitude of this journey.

Along the roadways and at each mile, families of these loved ones as well as friends and patriots, will be waiting in appreciation of this statewide tribute. Each mile is pinpointed and identified.

Honor and Remember Run

The organization of this has been overwhelming with many involved, pulling together the physical plan, getting permissions, contacting families, communities and the list goes on. We are still not yet ready!

One of the most important aspects is funding. We still need to cover the costs of rooms for the team each of three nights, our other incidentals are inconsequential to this.

If you can become a sponsor for this 1st VA Run for the Fallen of any amount, please click here. We are in need of donations to cover the hotel expenses for our runners and volunteers. Approx $1500 per each of three

Can I count on your help today with a tax-deductible gift of $30, $50, $100 or more to help cover the expenses of honoring these fallen heroes?

Thank you in advance!

George Lutz, Founder
Honor and Remember"