Sunday, April 7, 2013

Benghazi Murders Update (Karen Bracken and Jane)

From an e-friend of Karen Bracken's, here's the story that's emerging from the Benghazi investigation:

It has always been my belief that Benghazi is the one issue that could down Obama. They are counting on all the other diversion being put in front of us that Benghazi will fade from the minds of the American people. We MUST not allow that to happen. I hope you will take the time to read the email below and make a call on Monday. Please be sure to share and spread the word.
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Subject: RE: Please call on Monday!
Please call Speaker Boehner and Rep. Mike Rogers:
I do not know how many of you know much about or have much interest about what happened in Benghazi but I have followed this closely and
believe this is one of those times when to have any since of honor it behooves us to take some action. Our Consulate in Libya, having begged for more security and turned down, was attacked. That is actually and act of war. After requesting to be able to assist twice and being turned down on his third try, Ty Woods who was in a CIA safehouse disobeyed orders and went to the defense of those at the Consulate. By this time one American official had been killed and our Ambassador captured ( to be in the hands of his captors for over 5 hours) and dying at or being declared dead at a hospital. We have no idea what was done to him. Some help came ( I believe it was a team of 6) after being delayed by the Libyans at the airport for over an hour. Glen Doughtery was part of this group. Ty Woods had fought and saved all the others during the time it took them to get there. Once the others arrived they moved the people to the CIA safehouse. Their location was given up by the Libyans who were supposedly there to protect them. Once there Ty Woods and Glen Doughtery manned guns and exposed themselves by painting the targets for the planes that were certainly coming to help.It is believed these two former SEALS killed at least 60 of the enemy. Ty Woods probably fought for at least 5 hours and Glen Doughtery at least 4. They bled out on their guns and we do not know how many wounds they suffered. 30 to 33 people lived that night because of the courage and selflessness of those two men (and some others who were there). Lindsey Graham, who has been a bulldog on this issue, says that the Senate will not call these witnesses and put them under oath and the administration will not let them testify so the House has to do what the Senate won't. It appears that our noble leaders John Boehner and Mike Rogers, whose subcommittee is looking into this are about to end the investigation. How do you do that without calling one eye witness much less 33? Those 2 brave men and the Ambassador and his aide deserve to have the story told. Either Bremmer Clinton, Panetta, and Patraeus were the most incompetent and inept leaders in history or they were told to stand down. The people who died there will never get justice if there is no justice in the hearings. Please call the offices of John Boehner and Mike Rogers next week and demand that they try to deserve to represent such men by putting the witnesses under oath. Boehner's DC office will require you to leave a message. It is best that you call one of his District offices #513-779-5400 or 937-339-1524. Mike Rogers DC office #202-225-4872 and 517-702-8000. I may not have every thing down just right but I am quite certain it is mostly accurate. We do not deserve men like these to fight for us if we can not at least make a phone call to get them justice. Jane