Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Experiment: Jennifer Burke's E-Mail

Gentle Readers, I'm testing the computer system here. If this post doesn't work for you, please feel free to ignore it. If it does anything weird to your computer, please let me know, and I'll pull it down immediately. I'm just surprised that (a) these graphics are showing up on this computer, and (b) they seem to be copying-and-pasting into Blogspot; in the two years I've been here, this is unprecedented. Usually even simple signature graphics won't paste into this system. That picture that's showing up on my Blogspot screen showed on Yahoo as a video link, while on Blogspot it shows up as a clickable link that should open the video in a separate window, but...as a non-geek, I'm astonished.

Oh, and those who are at all interested in the Tea Party movement should read what Jennifer Burke has to say, too...

"Dear Patriot,
Contribute CircleSince its inception, the Tea Party Movement has been maligned, belittled, libeled, and constantly attacked as racist. This was all done in an effort to marginalize the movement and paint those of us within it as monstrous, cold-hearted, and hate-filled. Just like clock-work, members of the media were willing accomplices in attempting to shame hard-working Americans who simply wanted government to follow the Constitution that all elected officials swore to uphold and to live within its means. They did so, very obviously, in order to further the far left, progressive agenda of one of the greatest race baiters of our time….President Barack Obama. Outraged? You should be. Help us fight these smears HERE.
Tonight on Hannity, our Chief Strategist Niger Innis made me extremely proud as he demonstrated the stark contrast between liberalism and conservatism. He was paired on Hannity’s show on FOX News alongside Civil Rights Attorney and radio show host Leo Terrell to discuss The Double Standard applied by the media to those on the left vs. those on the right.
After giving a bit of background on the liberal contrived ‘controversy’ regarding Dr. Ben Carson’s recent statement on marriage, Sean Hannity stated, “If you are an African-American and you are conservative, you are vilified. You are demonized and you are called names. You are attacked.” Help us ward off attacks such as these HERE.
The exchange that ensued between Niger and Leo Terrell was a classic demonstration of conservatism vs. liberalism with Niger being a voice of fact based reasoning in a calm and collected manner, while his liberal counterpart Terrell presented himself as a raging lunatic whose argument was rooted in emotion based yelling and avoidance of topics he didn’t want to address. Watch the video below from the site Mediaite.com. You will be astounded. In the end, far leftist Leo Terrell demonstrates that Hannity’s words do ring true.
Niger on Hannity 2
You see, Niger and I have something in common apart from both working with TheTeaParty.net. We are both conservatives who happen to be black. He and I proudly stand for freedom in this fight for the future of our republic; in this fight for a constitutionally limited government; in this fight to stop the race baiting, name calling and misrepresentation of this great Tea Party Movement with a demand that we get to the heart of the issue…..that government is out of control and must be reined in. But, we cannot do it without your help. Will you help us win this fight?
I encourage you to share this email and video with all of your family and friends as it is a powerful testimony to the answers that conservatism can give vs. the out of control, emotion based, ineffectiveness that liberalism wants them to buy into. Help us expose them HERE."