Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On Being Declared Useless Because You're Good at What You Do

Gentle Readers, I'm so glad that Littlemissattitude from Fresno said it for me...

Usually I figure that, if that's what I feel like writing about, it's time to post a lot of other people's writing here. But it's a fact. Hit age forty without being rich, and the majority of Americans decide something must be wrong with you and it's therefore okay, in fact it's a competitive game, to treat you like dirt and owe you money.

"Bitter"? What's that supposed to mean? If you don't like the way other people taste, you shouldn't go around licking people. What people usually mean by "bitter" is "angry, with a valid cause, which due to my own laziness and cowardice I don't choose to take up and support." I have from time to time posted comments on male-authored articles to the effect that yessir they need to avoid dating women who are "bitter" all right...and the kicker is that just about all women who are old enough to be allowed to date are "bitter," so guys who go around calling us that should not be dating. When they're ready to stop throwing labels around and start making themselves worth having as friends, they'll discover our sweet, spicy, and salty qualities.

That said, what this web site is about is fighting back, defending and supporting ourselves. That's where the frugal, health, True Green, creative, independent, charity, and spirituality threads weave together. (What's charity got to do with it? Pick one or more to's so empowering.)

And veterans. And Zambia. As a woman-over-forty I meet a lot of male-type featherless bipeds who are repulsive enough to explain why so many middle-aged women go lesbian, so it's useful to bear in mind that there are men who've not merely worked but fought as hard as I have, to do as much with as little--if not more so. They're a minority but they exist.

What can we do? Just stop smiling and fawning on the corporate jerks of this world. Stop buying their products. Drop out of their game. Embrace our independence. Support other independent people, and support politicians when, if, as, and to the extent that they represent us--as distinct from either representing Big Business or Big Government.

And own our legitimate anger, at the people who've actually provoked it, so that it doesn't block the channels for all the love and good will we should still be able to feel toward real friends, family, children and animals. And wail strategically, if we wail at all.