Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Buy Real Vermont Maple Syrup Online

While a limited supply lasts, you can buy real Vermont maple syrup online here:

You can make real maple syrup in most of the Eastern States...wherever you find mature maple trees. But in states south of Vermont, it's too late. (Once the trees bloom, it's too late.) In Virginia, maple sap usually rises in February, sometimes in January.

There is some difference among maple species, but it's not vast. They all produce watery, just slightly sweetish sap, of which it takes about forty gallons to reduce to a gallon of syrup. If you have more red and Norway than true "sugar maples," as we always had during the years when the Cat Sanctuary produced maple syrup, even then the syrup will be thin.

Add to these considerations that sap boils faster in a small snug room, and it's easier to live in your house if this room is not in your house...and you begin to understand why real maple syrup isn't cheap. Isn't the most energy-efficient way of sweetening food, either. Isn't even diabetic-friendly. But it tastes good.