Monday, April 1, 2013

Sandy Garst on Children's Privacy

Does anyone really need to collect data tracking and measuring a child's "smile intensity" throughout his or her school years? Is this more of an invasion of privacy, or just a common or garden-variety boondoggle?!

Sandy Garst's report, endorsed by Bill Shirley and Patricia Evans:

The Longitudinal Data Tracking System has nothing to do with education and everything to do with government invasion of privacy and control. I spent 35 years in public schools as a teacher and administrator. Clearly there is no instructional value in this type tracking. Defund it and accept no more federal grants for education.
For liberty,
Bill Shirley
Chairman - Augusta County Republican Committee

Longitudinal Data Tracking System in Virginia
Report from Sandy Garst
Shenandoah Constitutionalists

I am writing to you about the Longitudinal Data Tracking System in Virginia. I am researching as fast as I can but I also want you researching and working to get this system out of Virginia! Send this information to your legislators, local school boards and teachers.
They are proposing Predictive Neurological Testing to be conducted on our children.
The tools they can use include:
· facial expression cameras
· posture analysis seat
· pressure mouse
· wireless skin conductance sensor
This information comes from this document. I will be reading and reporting on this document ASAP.
*an excerpt from this document is below.
These are some of the things our government is allowed to track on our children:
· Health History including Premature Birth, Blood Test Results, Blood Type
· Hair and Eye Color and Birthmarks
· Bus Stop Arrival Times
· Extracurricular Activities
· Homework completion, school behavior
· Income and voting status of the family
This information reportedly comes from this site. I will be reading and reporting on this information ASAP. My understanding is that they want to collect 400 points of data on each child.
Virginia accepted grant money to implement the Longitudinal Data Tracking System.
We had 2 bills before General Assembly this year that did not pass:
“Requires the Board of Education to establish the Virginia Longitudinal Data System to track and examine student progress from early childhood to postsecondary education to the student entering the workforce. The bill also establishes the Virginia Longitudinal Data System Advisory Council to advise the Board of Education on all matters related to the Virginia Longitudinal Data System.”
However, an amendment in HB 2313 provides for $120,000 to be allocated for the Virginia Longitudinal Data System.
It is legal for the government to collect this data:
“The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act used to protect the privacy of kids and a parent’s written consent was needed to release data. But in 2012, regulations were used to change the need to get parental consent. Now all the information the schools started collecting in 2009 can be shared among various federal agencies and without consent as long as whoever requests it is “conducting certain studies for or on behalf of the school”.
The funding came from the 2009 American Recovery and Investment Act.
· “$5 billion shall be available in education incentive grants (in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act)”
· In the section: “Improving collection and use of data –The State will establish a longitudinal data system that includes the elements described as written…in the America COMPETES Act”
(I understand that some of you may not consider Glenn Beck a good source of information but on the above link in the third and fourth videos, he interviews a doctor from a child psychology center. This doctor does not watch Glenn and thought this was a conspiracy theory until he reviewed the documents. The doctor states, “It is very scary and not a conspiracy at all.”)
The issue of the Common Core standards in Virginia also needs to be addressed but first and foremost we need to halt the data tracking of our children. Please, please help me to accomplish this.
Sandy Garst

Additional Information:
*They are proposing:
“…data mining techniques as well as physiological response data from a biofeedback apparatus that measures blood volume, pulse, and galvanic skin response to examine student frustration in an online learning environment…Sensors provide constant, parallel streams of data and are used with data mining techniques and self-report measures to examine frustration, motivation/flow, confidence, boredom, and fatigue…The Mood Meter includes a camera and laptop. The camera captures facial expressions, and software on the laptop extracts geometric properties on faces (like distance between corner lips and eyes) to provide a smile intensity score. While this type of tool may not be necessary in a small class of students, it could be useful for examining emotional responses in informal learning environments for large groups, like museums.”
The following videos describe the implementation of Common Core. Part 3 refers to the data tracking.

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