Thursday, June 6, 2013

About Islam: The Trailer

While the computer center was closed, I composed an article for "Speak Your Mind About Islam Day," as which this day has been officially designated. Unfortunately, it's long enough that the most efficient way to post that article, now that it's written, is via floppy disk, and this computer center doesn't have floppy drives. So instead of trying to rewrite my thoughts about Islam from memory in my limited online time, I've decided to post them the next time I'm at a computer center that still has floppy drives, which should be within the next week or two.

The general trend of my opinions won't be a surprise to regular readers, but there will be a story I've not published before, and there will also be comments on an obscure book by Hannah Hurnard and the latest one I've seen by Salman Rushdie.