Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Must Candidates Be Party Members?

Should a candidate whose name will be identified with a political party on the ballot have to be an active member of the party?

Over in Washington County, Virginia, this question has been raised about the nomination of "Republican" Tim Mowery. Catherine Turner, who no longer lives here, forwarded this link around:


...With the following explanation:

"Our good friend Vernon Smith is running for the Wilson District seat against newcomer, Tim Mowery, widely acknowledged as coming on the scene with departing long-time incumbent Dulcie Mumpower's blessing.

Now don't feel bad if you've never heard of Mowery. He admitted to the Repubican Executive Committee last Friday night that he'd never actually attended a local GOP meeting!

Having no vote for either of these gentlemen, this web site can only add: "Ha! Ha! Hoot! Attention Tea-Party-phobic Republicans of Washington County: people in Scott County are laughing at you!"