Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boneta Farm Fights On

Forwarded almost simultaneously by Karen Bracken and Patricia Evans, here's the e-mail from farmer-turned-activist Martha Boneta, containing links and a sample e-mail Virginians should be able to use to support the ideas behind the stalled Boneta Bill. Since you will have to edit the e-mail in order for it to be honest or relevant, I'm posting it as it came in, quirky formatting and all, and warning anyone who uses it to do their own editing.

From Martha Boneta

Dear Friends of Liberty!

ACTION ALERT: In response to the overwhelming tsunami impact of our efforts and the efforts of thousands of liberty loving Virginians, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services ( VDACS ) has formed a committee to explore what can be done to help Virginia's small family farmers. VDACS has asked for comments from Virginians about what you would like to be done.

Please help Virginia's small family farmers keep government from taking away our economic freedom and property rights! Do you have ideas or suggestions to share with this Work Group?  Please send VDACS an email to:

I want to thank you all for your unshakeable dedication to protecting the economic freedom and property rights of Virginia's small family farmers. Many of you drove many hours and miles to Richmond during the general Assembly in support of the Boneta Bill and I am forever grateful for all you have done and continue to do for freedom!

A sample email is below:

Subject: Boneta Bill VDACS Committee

Dear Commissioner Lohr:

I am writing in response to your request for citizen comment.

I am president of the Virginia Patriot Freedom Coalition and am writing on behalf of myself and my organization. We support the Boneta Bill- Freedom to Farm Without Fear.

Below please find several points I ask that you consider in your decision making process: 

- Virginia has the opportunity to be a national leader in the local food movement.

-this is about property rights, economic freedom and farming rights

- Farmers are being forced off the land because of heavy handed over regulation that is over burdensome and costly for small family farmers.

- farmers must have the right to sell what they produce on their own land Like fiber from sheep.

- Virginia must embrace agriculture as a way of life in our communities as our society continues to demand the freedom to choose.

-In Fauquier County, the government is harassing small  family farmers over their farm buildings requiring all kinds of burdensome restrictions that are unreasonable, costly and that ultimately will force farmers off the land.

- Fauquier county is imposing unbearable setback requirements. requirements are stifle economic freedom and take away the property rights of small family farmers. These setback requirements were imposed after small farmers had already been engaging in commerce often for years.

- small farmers must be able to sell not only what they produce but also value added ancillary items in order to be viable off season and continue to farm like being able to sell a glass of lemonade at a peach orchard on a 100 degree hot summer day without being in fear of being fined and arrested!

VICFA to Participate in On-The-Farm Workshop
Looking Ahead to 2014...

VICFA has been invited to participate in an On Farm Activity Work Group. As a result of several bills considered by the 2013 session of the Virginia legislature, a working group has been formed to discuss the on-farm activities that should be protected as well as how local governments can assist farmers.

The purpose of this group is to facilitate discussions and ideas and to formulate recommendations for the 2014 legislative session. This group has no authority to change current policy or regulations. A report will be made to the House Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources and to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources.

VICFA's participation will help to focus on what other counties have or have not done to promote on-farm activities and how we can better ensure that our legislature protects and assists working farms throughout the nation.

We encourage you to help us!  Do you have ideas or suggestions to share with this Work Group?  Please click here to visit the VDACS website and share your comments and suggestions.

For more information on VICFA as well as information on our upcoming Annual Meeting, please be sure to visit www.vicfa.org.
P.O. Box 6838
Charlottesville, Virginia 22906-6838

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