Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Look Behind the Virginia Association of Counties

Patricia Evans reports on the Virginia Association of Counties' baneful effects in Pittsylvania County, and more. Scroll down for another link to a Forbes article, and more information on land grabs and what's behind them:

"Bowman Dictates VACo's Standards, Ethics, Code of Conduct to Pittsylvania County Board

Whose standards, ethics and code of conduct does Brenda Bowman want our Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors to follow? Legislative Committee Chair Brenda Bowman said she consulted with officials from the Virginia Association of Counties ( VACo ) on development of the standards. James Campbell, executive director of the Virginia Association of Counties, said some counties in the commonwealth adopt VACo's standards of conduct as part of their bylaws. They establish expectations of how board members relate to the governing body. As an uninvited guest, James Campbell was asked to leave, and escorted out of the Agenda 21/ Property Rights Legislative Briefing last week in Richmond. His organization, VACo has a long history of promoting United Nations Agenda 21 and property rights abuses. VACo fought against our Property Rights Amendment in 2012. This year their 2013 Legislative Agenda includes "targeted initiatives to facilitate the protection of 400,000 additional acres of land for conservational purposes, supports purchase of development rights and state funding of VA Land Conservation Foundation and VA Outdoor Foundation. VACo supports increased funding and additional grants of authority to promote regional initiatives and overall funding of VA's planning district commissions. All of which should be defunded for property rights abuses. This year, the National Association of Counties has launched a key initiative, "Smart Justice" policies and practices. This is ALL United Nations Agenda 21. And VACo wants a state tax increase, more taxpayer money to fund this unconstitutional agenda.
Brenda Bowmans recommendations can be found on NACo's website here: Counties under more scrutiny seek guidance on ethics policies

We don't need Virginia Association of Counties and the National Association of Counties setting our standards, conduct and code of ethics for Pittsylvania County or any other county in Virginia. Our supervisors should not sign Bowman's "Model of Excellence" from this corrupt organization.

We, the people of Pittsylvania County, will not tolerate imposed sanctions and fines on our members whose behavior does not comply to the dictates of Brenda Bowman and VACo. Brenda Bowmans code of ethics includes avoiding conflicts of interest. And speaking of conflicts of interest, Brenda Bowmans husband, Ken Bowman is Pittsylvania County's Economic Development Director, and also a member of VACo whose policies he promotes. Our county board of supervisors took an oath to the U.S. Constitution and the VA Constitution. Brenda Bowman needs to read them, and follow them, instead of following VACo and dictating their unconstitutional policies to the other members on the board.
Ken Bowman, Pittsylvania County’s economic development director, and Danville Economic Development Director Jeremy Stratton's Communist China visit aims to lure communist industries, jobs to Dan River Region

“They’re going to be a very good partner. With its relationship with other ( Communist ) Chinese businesses, GOK can encourage other ( Communist ) companies there to come to the Dan River Region. It’s important to make connections with investors and business leaders in ( Communist ) China, to know their companies’ needs. (Communist ) Chinese companies must establish a location in the U.S. so they have worldwide marketability with a “Made in America” (?) label, Bowman said.
Danville, Pittsylvania County and GOK jointly paid for the trip. Bowman declined to reveal the cost to taxpayers.

Chinese developments are being planned in the United States which are, they say, to invest in this country and provide jobs for our union workers instead of sending jobs to China. We are living in a global world and I understand that. What I don’t understand is why we have to do this with companies run by the Chinese communist party or closely connected to them? Chinese communists make very poor allies and they are not our friends. They hack our power grids and our secret service facilities while stealing our technology to say nothing of the games they play with the currency. They produce counterfeit goods. They constantly saber-rattle. Don’t even get me started on their human rights abuses.

The other thing I don’t like about Chinese companies is that they live off bribes and favors – they are communists after all.
Do we really want to do more business with them and even welcome them into our country? Is this the type of competition we want to set up for U.S. companies? Let’s make America business-friendly for residents and citizens instead!

What's China Buying In The U.S.? - Forbes

China has been investing in countries around the world for years. Now it’s got its sights set on the U.S., where some analysts say its investments could reach $2,000 billion by 2020. There remains an anti-China sentiment among Americans, who fear loss of jobs as well as a threat to our country’s security.

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