Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HB 1768: Striking (Out) Environmental Courts by Popular Demand

The people for whom this story will be most "educational," in the words of the Tea Partier who sent it in, probably don't read printouts any better than they read web pages. They need help from Creative Tightwads. If anybody out there knows who they are, this web site offers two suggestions from which to choose:

(1) Tell the illegal dumpers that they can get actual money out of old tires, cars, refrigerators, etc., if they haul this junk to the right places and dispose of it legally. If they don't have a way to haul off their junk, help them connect with someone who does.

(2) If you know for sure that they're total jerks, not only illiterate but malicious, like the unspeakable something-or-other of a poacher who has been killing does out of season and killing my possums, wrapping the carcasses in plastic garbage bags, and pitching them into one of those scenic mountain streams from which Gate City and Kingsport get their drinking water, and if you can control your feelings about these alleged people enough not to do anything to them that our contract forbids me to describe here, which I can tell you is not easy...anyway, if they're that kind of neighbors, why help them make a dime? Raid their dumps and keep all the money. Even money probably prefers to be in your pockets rather than theirs.

Anyway, Virginia House Bill 1768 would, if enacted, have set up "environmental courts," an old Agenda 21 phrase, repugnant to many people in Delegate O'Quinn's district:

The bill was written to set up a procedure for addressing some specific illegal dumping issues. However, in Washington County, county supervisor Bill Gibson smelled a rat. His e-mail to Delegates O'Quinn and Kilgore is now circulating around Tea Party mailing lists. In Bill Gibson's words, "I know you both must be against Agenda 21 as the national and state party have in their platforms and this bill only helps it get a foothold in local govt. "How do you eat a elephant? one bite at a time"....this is how Agenda 21 is being implemented in swva."

Delegate O'Quinn's response is worth sharing:

"I can assure you that we did not receive the bill from any elitist environmentalists. It came from the Wise County Sheriff's office to address several illegal dump sites across their county which contain items such as tires, couches, cars, refrigerators, etcetera and those who continue to add to the ever present problem...That being said, we certainly are not trying to create some completely new courts system and we don't want to overburden the court system or cause them undue financial burden. Thus, we are going to strike the bill. "

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