Thursday, January 31, 2013

SB 908 and HB 1642: Parents' Rights

Virginia Senate Bill 908, as passed today, is beautifully simple. Here's the link:

The wording is elegant enough to fit here:

"Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. That the Code of Virginia is amended by adding a section numbered 1-240.1 as follows:

§ 1-240.1. Rights of parents.

A parent has a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, and care of the parent's child.

2. That the provisions of this act are declarative of existing law."

Virginia House Bill 1642, still up for consideration, is a little wordier--the way SB 908 looked before it was discussed, simplified, and voted on:   If you like these bills,here are the legislators to thank: Senators: Reeves, Obenshain, Black; Delegates: Pogge, Cole, Marshall, R.G., Ransone.   According to e-friend Michael Ramey, the Delegate who most needs to hear from constituents who support this bill is Salvatore Iaquinto of Virginia Beach.   I'd be surprised (and disappointed) if most of our correspondents' Delegates, e.g. Kilgore, Crockett-Stark, Bell (either one), Lopez, Garrett, Gilbert, or Lingamfelter, needed to be told where we stand on this one...but we are paying for assistants to tally e-mails.