Thursday, January 24, 2013

Web Designer Wanted: Name Your Price

Well, this site would like a web designer too, but we can't afford to pay one. Jim Babka's Downsize DC web site can. Here is his ad:

"Downsize DC is looking for a talented and enthusiastic individual, who understands web design best practices, to join our team.

The Web Designer will be responsible for designing and maintaining our websites plus handling other web projects. Must be very skilled with HTML/XHTML, graphic design tools, CSS, cross-browser compatibility issues, SEO, etc. Modest programming skills preferred.

The position is part-time. Most months, there is less than 5 hours work. However, as our team is building new projects now, there is more work to do over the next couple of months.

Are you a Web Designer with several years of experience in graphic design and web design?

PORTFOLIO OR SAMPLE OF WORK _REQUIRED_. Those who do not submit a portfolio of some kind will NOT be considered.

Preference given to candidates who state their desired hourly compensation when they apply.

Respond to

NOTE: Due to the expected volume of response, we cannot follow-up with everyone who responds. Thank you.

Jim Babka"

This ad came in the e-mail, but it's currently also showing at, a web site this web site officially likes and recommends.