Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Double-Shelled Egg Photos

As a service to humankind I'll spare the "Is this a yolk?" puns and just share the link to Liz Klimas's photo-enhanced story about the biggest chicken egg you ever saw:

This web site officially loathes anything with a .pdf format, but, while agreeing with the Blaze reader 3-Blue, we'll share Trigus's link to this .pdf, which is only one page long...

And, for those who insist on reading the serious news first, here are some links to the Big News Story of the day:

Suggest questions you'd like to ask Hillary Rodham Clinton about the Benghazi murders:

Watch the retiring Secretary of State on the stand:

This web site will, however, make a serious attempt to catch up with six days of e-mail and discuss a few bills before the Virginia legislature during the rest of the day. Those of you whose eyes can tolerate video presentations are welcome to send your comments on Mrs. Clinton's testimony.