Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SB797: Smart Meters

Virginia Senate Bill 797 would, if enacted, protect property owners from having electronic "smart meters" installed in their homes:

I see one possible problem with this bill as written: it includes a link that, when clicked, opens a message saying that the reference is to a piece of legislation that has not been enacted yet. However, this should be easy to fix during the committee's discussion this week.

Donna Holt explains why people object to "smart meters":

"It has been reported that there are health risks associated with the high radio-frequency emission levels as well as fires due to incompatible wiring, especially in older homes, with the installation of smart meters.

Not only that, smart meters are surveillance devices. They track your power usage and identify the specific electrical devices you use from moment to moment.

It can also be determined by your use, when you've gone to bed, when you are away from home, and when you have guests staying with you.

Imagine the fodder for thieves. Who knows who will have access to that information. With the renewal of the Patriot Act, law enforcement might even decide to raid your home accusing you of running a business without a license if you have multiple computers running in your home or any number of other things.

Power companies provided no notice when they install one and if you happen to catch them and refuse to allow the installation, they can shut off your power."

Here's the short list of state senators who need "yes/no" messages from their constituents before Monday:
Senator Charles J. Colgan <>,

Senator Richard L. Saslaw <>,

Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr. <>,

Senator Walter A. Stosch <>,

Senator John S. Edwards <>,

Senator Frank W. Wagner <>,

Senator Stephen D. Newman <>,

Senator Phillip P. Puckett <>,

Senator Mark R. Herring <>,

Senator Stephen H. Martin <>,

Senator Mark D. Obenshain <>,

Senator Richard H. Stuart <>,

Senator Jeffrey L. McWaters <>,

Senator William M. Stanley, Jr. <>