Sunday, January 13, 2013

Give Middle Easterners Snow, and They'll...

Sharona Schwartz shares the video proof: Give Middle Easterners snow, and they'll have a snowball fight. And they'll inject ethnic and religious attitudes into it, yet.

Er-herm. As I observed on the Blaze post, snowball fights are good clean cousinly fun for kids the age of the assailants in this picture...but is it lack of experience that prompted the boys to attack an older man? We don't throw snowballs at older people. Their bones could be brittle. Ice can be very hard. Falling on ice can disable even teenagers for weeks. The boys look as if they're just acting out things they've seen in movies, meaning no harm. I say to them what I'd say to The Nephews if they were throwing snowballs at their aunt and grandmother: Never throw a snowball at an older person who hasn't thrown one at you.

This story definitely does not fit under our label of "Youth Behaving Well."