Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tea Party Patriots Federation Read Bills Fast

While I've been waiting for lis.virginia.gov to get organized into a consistent numerical format (is that even going to happen?) Carol Stopps' upstate Tea Party Patriots Federation have been hard at work. Here is their official list of bills to support and oppose:

"General Legislation:

Support HB 1403 Retail Sales and Use Tax; increases amount of revenue dedicated to Transportation Trust
Oppose HB 1409 Motor fuels tax; converts rate of taxation from cents per gallon to a percentage rate.
Support HB 1430 Right to Farm Act; expands definition of agricultural operations.
Oppose HB 1438 Motor fuels tax; indexed.
Oppose HB 1448 Septic systems, failed; financing for repairs.
Oppose HB 1457 Estate tax; reinstates for persons dying on or after July 1, 2013.
Oppose HB 1490 In-state tuition; Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
Oppose HB 1525 Tuition, in-state; undocumented persons.
Support HB 1601 Civics Education, Commission on; extends sunset provision.
Support HB 1616 Drone aircraft; limitations on use.
Support HB 1617 Student organizations; prohibits higher educational institutions from discrimination.
Oppose HB 1663 Motor fuels tax; authorizes any county or city to impose at rate not to exceed $0.10 per gallon.
Support HB 1689 Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; approval required for comprehensive agreemen
Oppose HB 1696 Dulles Toll Road and the Dulles Corridor Metrorail project.
Oppose HB 1779 Tolling transponder fees.
Support HB 1787 Polling places; identification required to vote.
Support HB 1788 Elections; identification to register to vote and present at polls.
Oppose HB 1804 State severance tax; uranium.
Oppose HB 1808 Virginia Public School Improvement Program; established.
Support HB 1827 Citizens Standards of Learning Review Board; established, report.
Oppose HB 1878 Establishing and adjusting sources of revenue for appropriations of the Commonwealth.
Support HB 2012 Drones; moratorium.
Oppose HB 2087 VA Jobs Investment Program; moves administration of Program to VA Economic Developm
Oppose HB 2108 Low-income residential customers; reduced electricity rates.
Oppose HB 2159 In-state tuition; Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
Oppose HB 2179 Establishing and adjusting sources of revenue for appropriations of the Commonwealth.
Support HJ 594 Constitutional amendment; limit on appropriations (first reference).
Support HJ 635 Study; JLARC; amount of federal revenue Virginia receives at the state and local level annu
Oppose SB 687 Virginia Casino Gaming Commission; created, penalties, report.
Oppose SB 700 Taxes on fuels; issuance of bonds.
Oppose SB 717 Sources of revenue; establishing and adjusting for appropriations of State and its local
Oppose SB 733 Virginia's fuels taxes; annually changing rate by using changes in fuel efficiencies of ve
Support SB 734 Foreclosure; use of false records,  documents, or statements.
Support SB 797 Electric utilities; advanced meters.
Oppose SB 805 Elections; costs of primaries.
Support SB 810 Legislation; prohibits any committee of General Assembly from reporting bill impacting 
Support SB 827 Federal statutes or regulations; implementation of regulatory stringency standard.
Oppose SB 855 Transportation; funding and administration.
Oppose SB 860 State entities; procurement by using public-private partnerships.
Oppose SB 865 Tolling Interstate Highway System components.
Oppose SB 919 Uranium; establishes 3 percent state severance tax on receipts of any severed from 
Oppose SB 1133 Tangible personal property tax; computer
Support SB 1138 Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium.
Support SB 1189 School boards; releases from state regulation.
Oppose SB 1207 Public schools; individual school performance grading system.
Support SJ 299 Study; JLARC to study VDOT efficiency;
Support SJ 338 Environmental regulation; need for reducing burden of EPA regulations.
Agenda 21/Property Rights
Oppose HB 1324 Efficiency Evaluation Fund; established, grants to localities.
Oppose HB 1397 Dan River; designates 15-mile segment as component of Virginia Scenic Rivers System.
Oppose HB 1398 Land preservation tax credit; unissued tax credits.
Support  HB 1404 Residential development; impact fees to defray costs of public facilities.
Oppose HB 1408 Planning commissioners, local; removes requirement that members own real property.
Oppose HB 1427 Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority; grants Authority 'quick take' condemnation powers.
Support  HB 1429 Zoning; attorney fees.
Oppose HB 1450 Hampton Roads Planning District; additional 1% sales & use tax in counties in District.
Support  HB 1488 Stormwater management program; delays date local governments will have to for adminis
Oppose HB 1521 Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures, tourism activity zones.
Oppose HB 1556 Divisionwide ratios of students to teachers; changes to schoolwide ratio.
Oppose HB 1565 Affordable housing dwelling unit program; allows governing body to amend its zoning ordin
Oppose HB 1694 Land preservation tax credits; application for credits prior to any donation.
Support  HB 1697 Real property tax; special valuation for land preservation.
Support  HB 1718 Transportation projects; reimbursement of VDOT by localities & metropolitan planning org
Oppose HB 1727 Water and waste authorities; rates and charges.
Oppose HB 1753 Meherrin River; designates 17.8-mile segment as component of Virginia Scenic Rivers Sys
Oppose HB 1757 Wetlands mitigation bank.
Oppose HB 1758 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; export of Virginia products and servic
Oppose HB 1768 Environmental courts; district court or circuit court may establish, specialized court dockets.
Oppose HB 1800 Land preservation tax credit; conveyances for public use.
Support  HB 1814 Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; Comprehensive agreements.
Oppose HB 1828 Rail and public transportation.
Support  HB 2081 State and local agencies.
Oppose HB 2172 Prince William County Metrorail Improvement District.
Support  HB 2223 Prevent infringement of private property rights under the United Nations Agenda 21.
Oppose HJ 567 VegWeek; designating as last full week in April, 2013 and in each succeeding year ther
Oppose HJ 615 Study; expand application of Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act; report.
Oppose SB 737 Nonmotorized vessels; freshwaters of State shall be open certain times for purposes of recr
Oppose SB 747 Income tax, corporate; creates industrial building rehabilitation tax credit.
Oppose SB 748 Building Revitalization Grant Fund; created, report.
Oppose SB 819 Tourist Train Development Authority; created.
Oppose SB 821 Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority; grants Authority 'quick take' condemnation powers.
Oppose SB 824 Hampton Roads Planning District; additional 1% sales & use tax in counties in District.
Oppose SB 852 Renewable energy facilities; eligibility for incentives.
Oppose SB 880 Nontidal waters; DGIF, et al., to inventory those in State for recreational use.
Oppose SB 894 Uniform Statewide Building Code; who may be cited for violations.
Oppose SB 918 Coal severance taxes, local; establishes gross income for certain purposes.
Oppose SB 926 Wetlands; governmental activity.
Oppose SB 932 Landlords; tax credit for those in eligible housing area.
Oppose SB 977 Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995, etc.; review of proposals.
Oppose SB 1023 Electric utility regulation; exemption for purchases from renewable energy sellers.
Support  SB 1073 Attorney; fees in certain land use cases.
Oppose SB 1134 VA Jobs Investment Program; moves administration of Program to VA Economic Develop