Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HB 1616: Opposing Drones

Virginia House Bill 1616 addresses concerns about the use of electronic surveillance aircraft known as "drones":

And here's the short list of delegates who will be discussing HB 1616 this week, and may appreciate their constituents' messages of support for HB 1616, or, in the case of Delegate Gilbert, thanks:

This web site officially thanks Donna Holt for sharing her short list of bills to support. If you appreciate the list too, you may want to visit her Tea Party's web site:
Many good things, including a video of embattled farmer Martha Boneta, in whose honor HB 1430 is nicknamed "The Boneta Bill."
If you DON'T have time to read any other blogs during the Bill Reading Marathon (thanks for your loyalty!) but do have e-dollars to spare, please help us show our appreciation of Donna Holt's contribution in a meaningful way by using this Paypal link.