Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boneta Bill Update: Protect Farmers' Rights

This web site has previously discussed HB1430, "The Boneta Bill," an ambitious piece of legislation proposed by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, whom this web site commends. The Boneta Bill would require farmers to be responsible for anything they do that pollutes the water supply, but would add serious penalties to those who harass farmers about violations of ridiculous laws in order to help "developers" grab family farm land.

During legislative sessions, legislators are supposed not to read mail from outside their districts or take time to do much more than tally "yes/no" mail from their constituents, so it's important for constituents to send "yes/no" messages if you have not already done so. '

Donna Holt's Virginia Campaign for Liberty is sharing lists of state senators and delegates who are considering key pieces of legislation in committees this week. Here's the short list of delegates who need to hear from their constituents in support of the Boneta Bill: