Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HB 129 Updated: Opening the Electricity Market

Virginia House Bill 129 will, if enacted, open the market in southwestern Virginia for people to buy utility from producers other than Appalachian Power, Dominion Power, or American Electric Power, with specific mention of producers who plan to use landfill gas.

Before its "amendment" this one sounded as if any old body who owned a windmill or waterfall could start selling electricity. Now it sounds as if the usual suspects, big business hand in hand with big government, will be divvying up a former monopoly. Ah, well. Breaking up Bell's monopoly gave us lower phone rates, even if the service with many of them is still abysmal, and breaking up the AP/AEP/DP monopoly is likely to have good results too...even if the wording is meant to attract those who actually like Agenda 21.

This web site, of course, loathes Agenda 21 or any more recent proposals based on Agenda 21. This web site thinks the U.N. should never be allowed even to think about dictating domestic policies within the U.S. Even if the policies happen to be basically good ideas, like wheelchair access, the U.N. should be put back in its place and reproved for suggesting them. And an expert legal analysis might find that HB 129, as amended, now needs another legal tweak to expunge all Agenda 21 or "Future Earth" influences from its language.

This does not, however, mean that this web site objects either to allowing free market competition or to making some good use of landfill gas. Aren't we all tired of having the fires down at the landfill endlessly filling the air with smoke, and not actually heating anybody's house or doing anything useful? I am. Isn't it time we had some alternative to either that waste, or letting the landfill grow into a mountain? It is. Thank you, Delegate Kilgore.