Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SB 1038: State Senators Who Hate Mopeds

Virginia Senate Bill 1038 would, if enacted, not only require licenses for mopeds, and for their operators, and still ban mopeds from the roads that are the only effective routes between many places moped users might want to go, but also make licensing a moped more expensive than licensing a car:

Some State Senators just hate to think about anybody getting out of paying a gas tax, right? This web site officially hates SB 1038. Actually, now that this web site has been goaded, this web site calls for legislation requiring operators of motor vehicles, a.k.a. "road hogs" and "motor terrorists," to pay into a fund covering any injuries or property damage they may inflict on pedestrians, equestrians, or operators of more fuel-efficient vehicles such as mopeds or motorcycles. Goad us again, we'll start agitating for legislation making it illegal for anything that weighs more than 1000 pounds to pass anything that weighs less than 1000 pounds on a public road.

We like the idea of sharing the roads, but if legislators are going to cave in to the motor terrorists, we will start making some demands of our own. We have never particularly wanted to penalize people who cling to their Detroit Dinosaurs. We do, however, want to see new legislation that encourages more people to adopt safer, healthier, more economical means of transport whenever and however they can.

We have always recommended legislation keeping vehicles that weigh more than 1000 pounds behind solid concrete barriers that keep them out of lanes reserved for more efficient vehicles...and not allowing any road to lack at least one lane that's permanently reserved for more efficient vehicles.

Bad job, Senator Carrico. This web site privately warned you to drop this bad, bad bill, while there was plenty of time to do so. This web site is now holding you up for public ridicule.