Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HB 797 Update: Requiem for the Smart Meter Bill

Virginia House Bill 797, which would, if enacted, have established our right not to have "smart meters" attached to our homes if we accept the evidence that they are health and fire hazards, failed to pass the House of Delegates.

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh came all the way from Canada to testify in support of HB 797. Her report of how this common-sense bill failed to pass the House is available here:

The good news is that this hasty hearing shows that our Delegates were in a hurry. How can they overlook the difference between holding a cell phone to your head for a few minutes, and having a "smart meter" exuding the same level of radiation, possibly within a yard or so from your head, throughout every day you work or night you sleep in your home? Canadians are entitled to insert the dumbed-down-U.S.-schools joke of their choice here--we deserve it--but, seriously, I can't believe any of our Delegates was born that dumb. They didn't give HB 797 their full attention because they were busy and because they'd been bombarded with corporate propaganda.

Those who don't want "smart meters" have this web site's encouragement to launch Phase II. Bombard all the Delegates with information about why we hate "smart meters." If you can afford a stamp, go ahead and pay for real mail--it's easier for more people to read. Then lean on your own Delegates to propose a fresh Smart Meter Bill.