Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HB 2340: Federal Firearms Crimes Are Still Crimes

Virginia House Bill 2340, decried by extremists as "symbolic" because it doesn't prescribe penalties for complying with new gun bans, has been misconstrued as potentially removing penalties for things that traditionally have been (and should remain) illegal. Full text:

Delegate Marshall just e-mailed everybody to clarify this. HB 2340 will, if enacted, authorize Virginia's law enforcement officers not to enforce any of the new gun bans Dianne Feinstein has proposed and Virginians have fairly solidly opposed. HB 2340 specifically says nothing about enforcing laws that existed in or before 2012 and dealt with stealing firearms, using firearms in committing crimes, etc. Those laws will continue to be enforced...and if anybody who intends to violate them is reading this web site, here's a short list of three places not to look for sympathy:

1. The office of any legislator this web site supports

2. Any real-world place from which this web site is published

3. The gun shop that has sometimes sponsored this web site

But we do like HB 2340, and other state legislation that refuses to endorse or enforce anything outside interests may have shoehorned into federal law without the consent of an affected state. Secession was and remains a very bad idea. Non-participation is a good idea.