Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SB1293 Mandates "Planning"

Virginia Senate Bill 1293 is exactly what most of the Virginians who read this web site do not want:

Basically, it mandates that the state continue to pay unelected busybodies for "planning" more unwanted "growth" and undesirable "development," meddling with the business of the people who actually generate the state's economy, and generally raising everyone's taxes and blood pressure in exchange for no noticeable benefit.

I'm very, very sorry to report that this abomination passed the state senate by a unanimous vote and will probably pass the House of Delegates too. As long as the state requires localities to pay for "planning," even the Boneta Bill will be like trying to dam the Potomac River with duct tape: What is briefly contained in one place will merely spew out a few feet away, and there will be no real hope of curbing the flood of corruption, petty personal harassment, greed, envy, and general abuse of the public.

We need legislation criminalizing the sort of "planning" we've seen lately...and we don't need to be paying for any sort of "planning" whatosever. If local elected officials can't do all the "planning" localities need in open meetings with their electorate, what are we paying them to do?