Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mutual Readers from Don Shelton's Blog?

This web site appreciates all those who direct readers to us, mainly e-friends and search engines. We're not sure why we have a small but steady common readership with science fiction author Graham Storrs, but we welcome those readers. Today I'm pleased, but baffled, to find that readers have been steered to my page after opening this page:


If you have time to learn some fun facts about a nineteenth-century English intellectual, this will be a rewarding read. But what's the common interest that's steering readers from that page to this page? I can't find one, unless someone out there is desperately searching every passing reference to Karl Marx, who's mentioned at both sites. Or to any and all people called Gilbert, and good luck to them--I am not authorized to share e-friend Carol Bengle Gilbert's family history, but I'm fairly sure she's not related to the English art collector Don Shelton mentions. Percy Shelley, Mary Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft...that family is the topic of the book one of you local lurkers borrowed from me last year and has yet to return, but I've not posted anything about that book here yet. So, what's the link?

Anyway, thanks to whoever-you-are, for connecting me with an apparently abandoned, though promising, blog with lots of fun facts and pretty pictures.