Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HB 1931: Protecting Contact Information

Virginia House Bill 1931 will, if enacted, protect workers' contact information from union organizers. We wish it protected workers' contact information from everybody, but we certainly want to protect everyone's contact information from any organizers of anything with whom the people to be contacted have not encouraged further contact from the organizers.

Note that, although we can't say as much for our host corporation, this web site will never ask for real-world contact information from you, nor will we share even your e-mail address with other people unless either (a) you ask us to, or (b) we report you as a spammer or other abuser of our site or e-mail. (And we generally laugh at spam, unless it purports to be something that needs serious attention.)

While we're here, this web site also thanks Delegates Kilgore, Marshall (both of'em), Lingamfelter, Cline, Crockett-Stark, Bell (both of'em), Garrett, Gilbert, O'Quinn, Habeeb, Ramadan, and all the other fiscal conservatives (including Democrats) who passed this good piece of work in the House.